Accessing a study for monitoring


  • Once you have logged into Castor EDC, you will see the My Studies page where all of the  studies you have access to are shown. 
  • Only live studies can be accessed by monitors.
  • The study will open on the Records tab.  As a monitor, you will most likely see the following tabs:
  • Records: Contains an overview of all records in the study, where you can access the records for data review.
  • Reports: Contains an overview of all reports created within the study.
  • Surveys: In this tab, there is an overview of all the survey invitations that have been created, sent and filled. 
  • Monitoring: Queries, validations, and verifications are shown in this tab. 
  • Once you enter the study, you will see a list of all patient records available for review. 
  • You will also see relevant record information, such as which institute the record belongs to, when it was last opened and its completion (progress) status.
  • A search box is available where you can search for record id or particular data value
  • It is possible to change the view mode to show the progress of the record completion by phases or steps. The standard step color scheme will indicate the status of completion of each step. You can double-click on any step to directly access it.
  • Grey means that the data entry hasn’t started for this phase or step, blue- data entry started, but not completed, green - data has been entered and saved in the database
  • By default, all records are shown, however, you can use the Filters button to show records that are complete, incomplete or not started.
  • Additionally you can display records based on creation or last update dates, as well as based on the person created or updated the records
  • You can use the search bar in the Records tab to search records by their ID. This works on the basis of ‘begins with’, so it is sufficient to enter the first few digits of the ID.
  • You can also search for records that contain certain data values, for example when you want to find all male patients
  • Click on the arrow in the right search box and find the field of interest. In this example ‘Gender’ is selected.
  • Enter the value of interest in the left search box (in this example ‘male’) and all matching records will be displayed. You can also search on option value (e.g. 1) instead of option label. Some values that you search for, such as date, require you to enter an exact match.