Data entry in Castor EDC (Certification)

Learn how to effectively enter data in Castor forms, send surveys and export data.

About this course:

Collecting high quality data is critical for any research project. This course focuses on key features of data entry in Castor EDC. The course will walk you through the process from creating a patient record to exporting the data.

This is a certification course which requires following the video lessons in the designated order and completing quizzes.

You will only be able to proceed to the next lesson when the previous lesson is completed. To pass a quiz, you will need to achieve 80%. You will be allowed to retake the quizzes 3 times.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Add new (patient) records
  • Create reports
  • Send surveys
  • Export and import data

Course expectations:

  • Watch 12 on-demand videos
  • Take 4 quizzes


  • 20 minutes per lesson
  • 90 minutes for the entire course

Who should take this course:

The course targets anyone who will be adding data directly in the system. Topics covered in the course will also be beneficial for those who are managing the study :

  • Data entry staff
  • Study admins

More resources:

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